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Stop losing your skilled employees to competitors. Ensure your company culture is meeting your employees' needs and keep abreast of strategies being implemented by competitors and industry leaders. 

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Identify the issues that could drive employees to leave.

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Justify your approach with detailed analytics.

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Stay ahead of the rest of the industry by tracking competitor cultures.


Flag critical issues

When a review mentions serious workplace misconduct, we flag that review for your immediate attention so you can respond quickly to avoid further fallout. In-depth analysis uncovers the root causes of employee frustration, allowing you to identify areas for improvement.

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Prove effectiveness with data

In addition to internal metrics on employee turnover and recruitment costs, our data will allow you to see how trends in review tone and topic content relate to new retention efforts. This data will help your team prove value to internal stakeholders and assess the ROI of different strategies.


Stay ahead of competitors

We illuminate the pitfalls and successes of competitor cultures allowing you to learn new best practices and avoid competitors' efforts to poach your employees. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses as compared to competitors will allow you to build a strong employer brand that outshines the rest of the industry.
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