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Encourage teamwork and provide them with the tools for success. Enhance your office environment to motivate your employees to give their best each day and contribute to your company goals.

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Explore the highs and lows of your employee engagement.

benchmark your data with competitors


Compare and contrast with your competitors.

storytelling to job seekers


Illustrate your company's brand to connect with employees and job seekers.


Unlock Value from Open Response Questions

Discover your employee concerns to make necessary changes that improve the workplace. Use human analysts to code your reviews for over 70 topics across 7 dimensions of culture. 

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Track and Compare Your Engagement with Competitors

Measure your employee engagement in real-time to achieve success in developing skills towards bigger goals. Compare your data with industry competitors and uncover additional opportunities.


Create Your Brand

Unpack what drives your employees to be engaged as a team and foster satisfaction in the office. Describe your company culture to job seekers as a place that promotes growth, productivity and healthy work life balance.

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Get Barometer To Work For You

Explore How You Can Unlock Your Essential Employee Data

Barometer delivers game-changing employee insights to help you recruit and retain top talent from around the world