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Turn Your Employee Surveys into Action

Gain insight on employee engagement, employee morale, and performance. Understand how your employees' sentiment and report results on topics you care about. 

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Why Barometer?

Barometer turns free text comments into data. We provide a qualitative analysis of free-response feedback from your employee surveys so you can take action on what matters. Never miss another important employee suggestion. 
Analyze Free Text Response

Free text response allows you to better understand the frustrations and joys of your employees. We use human analysts to accurately assess sentiment across 70+ cultural dimensions.

Customize Your Reports
Reports written by trained analysts present data and advice in a way your team can understand. We’ll work with you to create the perfect report.
Focus Your Time
Analysts flag critical survey responses – both the good and bad – so you can focus your time on the most important feedback.

The Right Balance of Human and Technology

Technology has made gathering employee feedback much easier, including free-text response. However, most HR leaders recognize that the advancement of natural language processing is not able to match the accuracy of human analysts.
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Internal Communication

Demonstrate that employee voices are being heard. Confidently report company opinions to leadership. Prioritize your outreach based on insightful and high-risk comments flagged by our analysts.
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Save Time and Money

We save you from having to read all your survey reviews. Efficiently focus your time, money, and energy where it counts. No more missed issues.
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Accurate Data Makes Good Decisions

Our human approach to sentiment analysis is more accurate and granular than automated solutions. Customized reports tell you what you need to know, and how to tackle your problems head on.

Unlock Your Essential Employee Data

Barometer can help point you towards actions you can take to mitigate negative employee feedback responses and improve company culture.