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Preparing to change compensation at your company? Read this first.

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It turns out employees value 3 workplace factors more than compensation - download the study now to see what really drives employee satisfaction.

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What Drives Glassdoor Company Ratings?

Insights from over 275,000 Glassdoor reviews.

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What You'll Learn

We analyzed every Glassdoor review for the Fortune 100 left in 2019. Here's a sneak peek at the headlines.

Report Highlights
  • Explore why Senior Management scores mattered most when predicting a company's overall rating.
  • See why Technology and Financial Services were the highest rated industries.
  • Learn how management can significantly improve reviews without increasing salary or benefits.

Build your culture on better data.

Barometer applies human analytics to employee feedback on Glassdoor, Indeed, or internal surveys. Discover more about your employee experience today.