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Feedback Unlocked

We're on a mission to improve workplaces around the world by uncovering employee insights. Our hybrid process of humans and technology allows us to track concepts - not keywords - in free response text. We believe every response is worth reading, every survey comment worth considering, and every employee worth listening to. 

Barometer is built on top of technology developed by PublicRelay, a leading media analytics provider.

We appreciate the leading brands that trust us to enhance their culture
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We believe improving work starts in our own offices

We Put People First

We win as a team - supporting each other is the foundation of our success. We challenge ideas, never character.

We Are Customer Obsessed

We won't stop until our customers are delighted - and then we aim higher.

We Lead From Everywhere

Great ideas come from all levels. We give responsibility to anyone and everyone who deserves it. 

We Believe In Grit

Failures are simply delayed successes. We embrace the fun of iterative, perpetual learning. 

We Bring Joy To Work

Bring your whole self to the office. We take our work seriously, not ourselves.


Help us build the future of employee feedback today