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Unlock Value From Open Response Questions

We think the best insights are hidden in long form responses.
Our unique process allows human analysts to code your reviews for over 70 topics across 7 dimensions of culture.

Here's How Barometer Helps


Flag reviews for critical issues

When a review mentions serious workplace issues, we flag that review for your immediate attention - no matter how the issue is described. 


Identify your next top hires

When you see a specific hiring need, we can show you how those exact employees are feeling at your top competition. 


Pinpoint employee concerns

When your employees are frustrated, we can help you identify the root issues so you can respond efficiently and effectively. 


Prove effectiveness with data

When new employee programs are created, we provide intutive monthly ratings to demonstrate effective ROI.

Beyond Star Ratings

Move beyond star ratings

When you need to know the "why" behind your rating, we provide detailed data by location, position, and topic.

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