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What is Barometer?

Barometer is a platform that aggregates employee feedback reviews from external review sites, such as Glassdoor and Indeed. We analyze each review using a combined technology and human approach in order to uncover insights that a machine might miss. This approach allows us to help companies unlock essential employee data to help recruit and retain top talent from around the world.

What are the advantages of using Barometer?

Barometer helps you gain insight on how invested employees are in your company by analyzing your employee reviews. We do this by using human analysts and technology to better understand the sentiment behind the language conveyed in each review. We also flag high importance reviews that are either insightful or high risk to help you prioritize problems that need immediate attention.

Who is Barometer for?

Barometer is for companies who want to use insights from their employee reviews to help build a better employer brand.

What sites do you monitor?

We monitor Glassdoor and Indeed, but we can also help you access other employee review sites on a one-off basis.

Can you reach overseas reivews?

Yes, as long as the review is in English, we are also able to reach overseas reviews.

Why should I care about my employee reviews?

Your employee reviews can enhance or diminish your company reputation to potential candidates. Reviews influence how candidates compare you with your competitors, your ability to recruit top candidates, and your retention rates. They also help your HR team address concerns within the workplace to take employee satisfaction to an all time high. A happy workplace is a good workplace.

Can Barometer analyze reviews of my competitors?

Barometer applies the same rigorous human analysis used on your reviews to those of your key competitors. Analysis of reviews for 5 key competitors are included and additional competitors can be tracked for a fee. Additionally, the platform allows you to benchmark yourself on key metrics against the Fortune 500, Glassdoor’s Best Places To Work, and other groups.

Why do you use human analysts?

Human analysts are important because they can identify the sentiment behind words in a stream of text. Although machine learning is a powerful tool, it doesn’t always pick up accurate sentiment, especially surrounding figures of speech and metaphors.

Does Barometer pull in old reviews or just new ones?

We can include all your existing reviews from Glassdoor and Indeed for an additional project fee or include new reviews as they come in depending on your preference.

How can you make sure a review was left by an employee?

We trust Glassdoor and Indeed’s methodology for ascertaining that a reviewer is a real employee of the company. We use the information provided to identify information such as whether they worked full time or part time. However, our analysts can go further than these sites in parsing out specific employee populations. We can generally distinguish between corporate and retail employees, for instance, using metadata like job titles.

Do you offer review management?

While there isn’t a way to respond to reviews directly from the Barometer platform, we provide links to the individual reviews so that you can easily respond on the review site.

Can Barometer also scrape content from other platforms?

Barometer doesn’t incorporate social media sites or ratings sites meant for customer experience reviews. However, our parent company, PublicRelay, offers social media tracking and analysis that can be combined with Barometer data for more holistic brand awareness.

What will I learn from these reviews?

There's a lot to learn from employee reviews, including the reasons employees leave, which specific departments are having issues, and unexpected strengths. Check out our Solution pages or schedule a preview for more info!

Who can I contact for support?

You can reach us at help@gobarometer.com or (703) 794-5082