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Working From Home Tips

Working From Home Tips

COVID-19 has pushed most companies to work from home. If you’re like many workers, you may not be used to this significant change of pace. You’re not alone, staying engaged without being face-to-face with your coworkers is a challenging transition for many people. Barometer has a work environment that provides methods of telecommunication, so some members of our team, including myself, have had time to adjust.

Here are some tips for working remotely that I’ve picked up to make your transition as smooth as possible:

Continue To Structure Your Day

Structuring your day will help effectively manage your time as you would in the office. Maintain a work life balance by starting and ending work at the same time you normally would. Resist the urge to sleep in and, just as importantly, log off at the usual time.

Although lounging in sweatpants may seem like one of the draws of working from home, it’s helpful to get dressed in the morning to keep some separation between work and relaxation time.

Similarly, avoid undertaking household chores during working hours. It may be tempting to get some cleaning or laundry out of the way during the day, but this will ultimately disrupt your workflow.

Schedule Breaks Throughout The Day

It’s easy to get distracted when telecommuting that sometimes, you might choose to avoid taking breaks altogether. However, taking a break can be as simple as making lunch, getting up to stretch or going on a walk outside can help recharge.

Studies have shown that taking breaks in the office can increase productivity and level of focus, which goes to be the same for working from home. Schedule a time to step away from your computer and enjoy your surroundings before continuing to work.

Designate A Workspace

If your living space allows, set up a workspace that is separate from your bed or your couch, as recreating elements of an actual office will help you stay focused. Also refrain from watching TV while you work, given multitasking divides your attention and impairs your thinking.

Make sure you have all the equipment you need, whether it’s an extra monitor, a comfortable chair, or a headset. Don’t hesitate, and, ask your employer for support as they have a vested interest in your wellbeing and efficiency.

Stay Connected

One of the biggest challenges of working from home will be staying engaged with office operations, and consistent communication will be key. Set clear expectations on communication and implement regular check-ins to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Keep the team spirit alive online. Encourage virtual “water cooler talk” and check in with your team before or after calls. Maybe start by asking each other for work from home tips or what book everyone is reading while social distancing!

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