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What is the Importance of Employer Branding in Recruitment?

What is the Importance of Employer Branding in Recruitment?

Employer branding is important in recruiting because it helps attract talented candidates in a pool of applications. Let’s say you have the best company culture in the world. Your employees are 100% happy with everything you’re doing, but you’re having issues attracting top talent. Have you thought about how your company brand is affecting recruitment?

Employer branding is how a company is perceived by their employees and job seekers. It is the backbone to recruitment, and you need to have the foundation set before you can market effectively. We’ve found that there are three powerful ways to do this:

Create Effective Recruitment Collateral

Recruitment collateral is a way to describe your outward facing content. This includes:

      • How you run your social media accounts,
      • Your careers page or careers site,
      • What you write about in your blog posts,
      • How you present the company at job fairs.

It’s important that your company accurately represents who they are. Ask yourself if your corporate values can be understood by someone with no exposure to your company other than these areas.

Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Influencers have been a successful marketing trend because their audience trusts them. Traditional marketing has less of an affect as it used to for brands, and the same is the case for attracting employees. Let employees tell their stories – for example POLITICO’s Instagram highlights employee feedback across all their departments, and allows them to share why they like working there.

You might think that encouraging employees to write reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed would work, but you could be accused of astroturfing – faking grassroots support – and undermine all your efforts, so be careful not to push employees to post reviews.

Be a Best Place to Work

Being labeled as a Best Place to Work is a massive boon for your company. Any award will distinguish you from competitors and will attract more top talent to your company. Great Place to Work advertises that working for employers on its list ensures you will experience career growth, and opportunities to learn and innovate.

The great thing about each of these steps is they all work together. Creating strong recruitment content will lead to better, more engaged employees. Those employees could turn into ambassadors for your company, and if they’re happy and engaged enough you could be recognized as a great place to work. No matter where you start, updating and improving your employer brand will manifest across your whole company.


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