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What is Candidate Experience?

What is Candidate Experience?

Candidate experience is what a potential employee feels and perceives about an employer based on their recruiting process. Their experience helps decide whether it’s a good company to work for and worth picking over other opportunities. If you’re looking to hire top talent, it’s likely that candidates have applied to several jobs, some of which may be with your competitors.

Your employer branding, company values, and what you offer your employees will all play into this perception as they begin the process. They may also know someone at your company, and if not, they’ll do what most job seekers do and check your reviews on Glassdoor. Regardless of the perception they come in with, it’s important to craft your hiring strategies to convince them your company is a good place to work.

Why is Candidate Experience Important?

Candidate experience is important because it indicates to potential employees how they’ll be treated at your company if they accept the job and therefore impacts their likelihood to accept an offer. This will also affect your top of funnel recruitment efforts, since good candidate experience translates to good employer branding via candidates leaving reviews of the interview process on Glassdoor. Good employer branding gets top talent interested in applying, but a good candidate experience makes sure they accept the job offer.

How to Improve Candidate Experience

Now that we’ve established what candidate experience is and why it’s important, here are some steps on how to make sure your talented candidates are happy with the process:

Respond to All Applications

The application process can take time for any job, so it is important to respect a candidate’s effort by responding as soon as possible. Workable, a talent acquisition software company, suggests replying to any application within two days. They focus on the positive side – replying to people you want to hire as soon as possible – but replying to candidates you may not want to hire is important too. Taking the time to respond is an easy way to improve your employer branding, as they’ll feel more positively toward your company regardless of the outcome.

Have a Respectful Interview Process

A study by CareerBuilder found that 86% of job seekers think employers should treat them with the same respect that current employees get, but only 49% of job seekers think they get that respect. In addition to speaking with them in a respectful way, you should make every step of the interview process as clear as possible. Let candidates know the logistics and time of their interview –you value your employees’ time, and you should value a candidate’s time as well.

Offer Job Personally and Clearly

An easy advantage to gain over other companies is clearly offering qualified candidates the job. Waiting too long can leave candidates thinking you aren’t interested, or they weren’t a priority. The last thing you want to happen is offer a job and have them decline due to having accepted another offer.

The solution here is to offer the job in a personal and clear way. It’s a great opportunity to establish a personal connection between the potential employee and the company. Sending an email from a personal work account offering them details on the job offer and next steps will make the candidate feel more included and increases the likeliness to accept the offer.

At Barometer, we make personal phone calls to candidates to make the offer and congratulate them. This makes it very clear that we’re excited about hiring them and allows an easy opportunity for candidates to ask any final questions that might get them over the line to accepting the offer.

Candidates are your Next Employees

Any candidate has the potential to be your next best employee, so they should be treated with the same care and attention as any employee. Making sure that all people who go through the recruitment process have a good experience will go a long way to not only improving your candidates’ experience, but also your employer brand as a company.

Tracking Candidate Experience

Your candidate experience can be tracked much like your employer branding since candidates can leave reviews of their interviews on your public Glassdoor page. Tracking your employer brand yourself can be daunting – you need to track a few different trends in the data and read every review your company receives through external review sites. See how Barometer can save you time and unlock insights from your employee reviews!

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Published by Tom Aberman February 26, 2020
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