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What Glassdoor Company Compare Feature Means for Employers

What Glassdoor Company Compare Feature Means for Employers

Nearly every job seeker these days makes a point of visiting a company’s Glassdoor profile during their interview process. While they may ask questions of your recruiting team during interviews, that is no substitute for the in-depth feedback on workplace culture, career, and compensation left by other employees. Not only do these reviews reach people who never even send in an application, but applicants trust the reviews more than anything provided by the company because they come from employees.

While 71% of job seekers already consider two or more offers before accepting a new job, recently, Glassdoor has made it easier for candidates to compare companies across several dimensions with a single click.

What is Glassdoor Company Compare?

Glassdoor Company Compare is a new feature on Glassdoor’s employee review site. This new feature encourages candidates to evaluate their prospective jobs, placing your talent brand in direct competition with other firms. Job seekers can compare across several dimensions, including:

  • Overall Rating
  • Culture & Values
  • Career Opportunities
  • Senior Management
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Compensation & Benefits

Candidates can also access salaries for various positions alongside employee ratings for the CEO and the general business outlook. These metrics can become a baseline for candidates, influencing their enthusiasm for a job offer. More curious applicants will often click into each individual review to read how current employees feel about their work environment.

What Does This Mean for Your Hiring Process?

Your hiring process may change because of how easily employees can make comparisons across companies. While candidates already compare potential employers, this new Glassdoor feature will likely emphasize differences in culture, managerial style, and career opportunities to your pool of potential applicants.

Three steps your team can take to stay ahead in the talent knowledge space are looking at how you compare, prepare for questions on your ratings, and use the data to improve your culture:

Compare Your Company Against Competitors

Hop on to Glassdoor today and give this new feature a try. How do your reviews stack up against your industry peers? Are you leading the pack in any of the workplace dimensions listed above? Be sure to compare yourself against both industry competition and talent peers ̶ i.e. companies that come up most frequently as places your candidates are also interviewing.

Doing this will give you a better sense of your strengths and weaknesses compared to other companies that potential hires are likely to apply to. If you’re behind in certain areas, you can use that feedback to assess strategies to improve those areas and to improve your brand messaging around those areas.

Come Prepared with Answers

Once you’ve gotten a sense of how your talent brand fits in the competitive landscape, consider developing compelling answers to a range of expected questions candidates will ask.

If your company is lagging behind in terms of overall star ratings, you can speak to recent initiatives you’ve undertaken to improve the neglected aspects of employee experience. Similarly, you can emphasize the dimensions where you outstrip other companies in your recruitment pitch. Referencing Glassdoor metrics to candidates lets them know that you are engaged with employee feedback, both internally and on public review sites.

Build a Case for Change

Staying close to these Glassdoor metrics is a good way to keep a pulse on your talent brand. While some reviews may not reveal the whole truth, they do impact your company’s perception in the minds of candidates. Understanding where your company can improve relative to competitors is a crucial piece in enhancing your talent brand – and these metrics can help you build a strong argument for new HR initiatives.

Learning More About Competitor Cultures

The new Glassdoor Company Compare feature streamlines the process of comparing workplaces and raises interesting questions for company talent brand managers. However, while it does let you compare across a handful of dimensions, there’s much more that you can draw from these reviews.

At Barometer, we can compare your reviews to as many companies as you need, track those comparisons over time, and provide more granular comparisons by location or department and across more than 70 cultural elements. Click here to learn more how we can help!


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Published by Marshall Richards August 14, 2020
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