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How to Encourage Employees to Leave Glassdoor Reviews

How to Encourage Employees to Leave Glassdoor Reviews

Glassdoor reviews are an indicator of employee satisfaction and can make a big difference in how your company is perceived by prospective applicants. Incentivizing employees to leave reviews can help achieve a stronger employer brand, whether the goal is to figure out which positive aspects of your organization to market to candidates or to identify potential problems that are causing dissatisfaction and high turnover.

Why is Glassdoor Important?

Glassdoor is important because companies with strong brand reputations tend to attract more qualified candidates, and, with about 41 million unique monthly visitors, Glassdoor plays a large part in cultivating that brand image. It is an important resource not only for individual applicants, but recruiters who are looking to track down top talent and match it with reputable organizations. For this reason, current and past employees are one of your greatest assets when it comes to building a brand and attracting talent.

What Makes A Strong Review?

Substantive assessments of company culture, workload, and management are a few ways to make a strong review, therefore going much further in establishing a brand. Whether positive or negative, the goal is for employees to provide as much detail as they are comfortable with to paint a more colorful picture. Added detail can also help determine whether something was an isolated incident or part of a larger cultural trend within the company.

Engage Employees

Now that you have a better understanding of why Glassdoor reviews are so important, it is time to ask employees to participate in the process. Plan your approach beforehand to ensure employees have all the information they need and make it as easy a process for them as possible.

One technique is to create an e-mail template in which you explain the function of Glassdoor, why employees feedback is important to you, and how it can help the company. Make sure to highlight that employee reviews can be beneficial not only to the company but employees as well, by allowing you to identify and address any problems they may be facing. An important aspect of ensuring honest reviews is letting employees know anything they say will be kept anonymous.

Choose an optimal time to reach about leaving a review, whether it is a specific workshop tailored around it, during the onboarding process, or a regularly scheduled check-in with management. On the flip-side, posing the request amid layoffs or unpopular restructuring may not yield the best results.

Encourage Honesty

While positive reviews and a five-star rating are ideal, do not pressure or manipulate employees into leaving disingenuous reviews to boost your rating. As the Wall Street Journal covered, this will only lead to being exposed and further damage your company’s reputation in the long run. Negative reviews are not necessarily bad, because they can leave a blueprint for any systemic problems facing your company and ways to address them.

Follow Up

Encouraging and engaging with Glassdoor reviews is a continuous process, and you want to make sure you are listening to employees after they have put in the effort of leaving a review.

Read and respond to every review, whether good or bad. This will project an image of empathy, humility, patience, and willingness to learn. When responding to a negative review on Glassdoor, let them know you understand the criticism and how you plan to act on their feedback. Make sure to thank them for taking the time to write a review.

Building A Stronger Brand

Once you have successfully engaged your employees, a clearer image of your company brand will emerge on Glassdoor. From there, you can begin to assess your strengths and positive attributes that will help attract job seekers, in addition to employee concerns or issues that need to be resolved. Above all, make sure your employees feel valued and appreciated throughout this process by emphasizing honesty, patience, and transparency.

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Published by Eloise Cassier July 23, 2020
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