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Do Glassdoor Reviews Matter?

Do Glassdoor Reviews Matter?

Many employers believe that employee review sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Comparably are just a forum for disgruntled employees to air their grievances. Because of this, they see little reason to put time and resources into keeping up with reviews they have no ability to control.

These concerns are understandable – HR teams are already stretched thin as is. However, these concerns are based largely on popular myth and don’t stand up to closer inspection. According Glassdoor, most reviews are actually positive, and the same things that make the sites useful to job seekers make them important tools in recruitment efforts.

Reviews and Recruitment

A 2016 Glassdoor report uncovered that more than two-thirds of candidates check a company's reviews before accepting a job offer, and almost 50% of candidates check Glassdoor during their job search. Using the employer tools available on many of these sites, employers can give applicants more information about the company and promote their employee brand.

On top of these branding benefits, it’s important to keep track of what’s being said in these reviews: candidates use them to make their decisions to apply for and accept job offers. In fact, half of candidates say they won’t work for a company with a bad reputation regardless of pay and on Glassdoor.

Employee Engagement and Retention

Even beyond recruitment, these employee reviews can be an important part of your HR analytics strategy, and help shape employee engagement and retention efforts.

While you can encourage your employees to leave reviews, the only way to have a real impact on whether the reviews represent your employer brand in a positive light is to improve employee experience. Regardless of whether you already conduct internal employee engagement surveys, online reviews can provide insights that you aren’t seeing. One reason for this is that employees often don’t believe that ‘anonymous’ surveys are truly anonymous and will avoid being overly critical, according to SHRM.

When combined with the rest of your people analytics, these reviews can identify the issues that are causing employees to quit, allowing you to make changes, improving retention and future reviews.

Are Employer Reviews Worth Your Time?

Yes, employer review sites play a major role in any employer brand strategy. Having good reviews is vital to recruitment efforts, but you can also use them to learn more about issues in your company culture, allowing you to address them to improve employee engagement and retention.

As a first step, look at your reviews on employer review sites important to your industry. If you have few enough reviews to surface issues on your own, then you’re all set, but if you have several reviews per day, click here to find out how Barometer can help you learn from your reviews to shape your employer brand and improve employee engagement.

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Published by Marshall Richards January 22, 2020
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