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Best HR Blogs of 2020

Best HR Blogs of 2020

The modern workforce is changing at an increasingly rapid pace and the HR industry is moving quickly to adapt. In order to stay updated with these changes, many companies research and provide information about workplaces changes that should be enforced to help employees acclimate to new office cultures.

There has also been an increase in the use of data analytics to make smarter and faster hiring decisions. Companies are creating new ways to keep a growing number of employees engaged in the workplace and retain the best talent. To stay on top of these trends, it’s important for HR professionals to continue to learn and read about new developments.

HR Blogs to Follow

Barometer aims to keep you informed of the newest innovations in the HR space but we’re not the only ones. Here are 5 of our favorite blogs to keep up with the latest trends happening in HR today.


The Greenhouse Blog is devoted primarily to recruitment metrics and the importance of data in HR decision-making. The blog provides tips on how to create a diverse and inclusive team and build both a candidate and employee experience that reflects your company culture. You’ll find insights for HR professionals, as well as important strategies for all managers within your organization.

One of our favorite articles touches on how data is becoming a key part of understanding your recruitment pipeline and predicting what's coming next. The Greenhouse Blog successfully explains how to ensure your data is set up in the right way to draw the best insights.

Delivering Happiness

The Delivering Happiness Blog discusses tips on how to build company culture, increase employee engagement or make the workplace more enjoyable for employees. From how to define and measure engagement, to real life case studies of successful HR departments, the Delivering Happiness Blog can be a great resource for building a happier workforce with happier customers.

Employee engagement is one of the most important factors to fostering happy employees and our favorite article is about strategies for building engagement


The Toggl Blog offers a casual and fun read to a unique blend of content around remote hiring, recruitment for startups, and employer branding. The playful graphics and straightforward data visuals help clarify complex concepts. The blog also covers broader topics like business productivity that can be great resources for your team.

Strategizing for remote jobs can be difficult as it requires limited face-to-face interactions and more reliance on technology. One of our favorite articles on this topic provides tips for managers of remote teams from recruitment and communication tips, to the tools and team building exercises most effective for leading a geographically dispersed team.

Glassdoor for Employers

The Glassdoor Employer Blog is a great resource that underlies the importance of Glassdoor reviews for companies. Understanding feedback from your employees impacts all aspects of HR including recruitment, retention, and engagement.

Glassdoor for Employers features a variety of subject material including employee retention & benefits, onboarding, brand management, and tools that employers can use on Glassdoor. A recent article discusses how Glassdoor can assist companies when they’re struggling. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get notifications on the latest topics trending on their blog.

Robert Half

The Robert Half Blog is great for both job seekers and recruiters as it provides insight about hiring challenges and strategies for landing a job. Much of their research is segmented by industry, delivering targeted insights in a variety of fields, including accounting, finance, technology, and marketing.

One of our favorite posts leverages Robert Half’s experience as one of the world’s largest recruiting firms with a guide on how to screen resumes. If you’re looking for data specific to your industry, the Robert Half blog is one to keep an eye on.

Stay Connected to Learn More About the HR Community

The pace at which human resources are changing requires all who work within the industry to stay informed of the latest thinking on employee recruitment, management, and engagement. By using the right data and insights, you can ensure you are directing your team’s efforts with the best practices discussed in these blogs. Check out Barometer to see where the gaps are in your HR strategy and how you can use tips from all these blogs to foster your company's employee engagement strategy. 

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